Camp NetWorx!

Camper Signup Part One

This is the first part of three in signing up for Camp Networx!

Is this your email address?
How often do you check your email?
You will need to be at all live camp events. We want you and all the campers to benefit from each other. Your mentor will work with you outside of live camp events to make sure that you can do all camp activities and be a part of each live camp event. Check your calendar and make sure that you are able to attend the following camp events. I can be at all the camp events.(Required)

Contact Information

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If you have a cell phone, put that number here. If you do not have a cell phone, give your parent's cell phone or your home phone number.
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Getting to Know You


The questions in this part of the form are optional; you do not have to answer them if you do not want to. Your answers will be used by the CTA and PMW to support you in your camp activities. All camper's answers may be used to make a Camp NetWorx demographic profile. All your answers will be the property of CTA and PMW and will only be shared with your consent.
What are your preferred pronoun?
Please share your racial or ethnic identity.

Activities and Interests

Share with the project team some information about your current activities. We are here to support you and the information you provide to the following questions will help us customize and support your camp experience.
What is your grade level in school?
What is your school grade level?
Do you have a job?
What social media platforms do you use?
Mark all that you have and that you use.
We will be using Zoom for this virtual camp. Have you ever used Zoom?
To be a part of this virtual camp on Zoom, do you need any accommodations?
Example: sign language interpreter or C.A.R.T. captioning.
In between the times that we meet on Zoom, we will be using a “chat” app called Slack. Your mentor will help you to set up and use this new app. Have you ever used slack?