Camp NetWorx 2023

Camp NetWorx logo with a clipart campfire on the left and the MyCube on the right.

Everyone has a story to tell, and a picture is worth 1,000 words. Think different.  Think ‘outside the box.  Imagine the story you share.

What is Camp NetWorx?

Camp NetWorx! is a fun online camp program on Zoom. It is a storytelling camp for young adults.  Campers meet 2 times each week for 6 weeks followed by a camp final party. During and between camp events, campers work on their very own “MyCube” project.  Camp events include chats by the campfire events where campers learn to share their stories.  Campers participate in cabin small group activities and learn about the MyCube project.

A tattered piece of paper with the Camp NetWorx logo and the words Storytelling, Discovery, and Adventure on it. At each of the four corners there is a icon: a campfire, the MyCube, a cabin, and a marshmallow on a stick.

Join the camp and build your Camp NetWorx! MyCube. The MyCube is a 6-sided picture box.  All campers complete their own MyCube during camp. At camp, you choose, describe and upload 6 pictures, one for each side of your MyCube box.












Public Personae

MyCube Project (6 pictures) – Each camper selects and uploads 6 photos or drawings. One picture or image for each side of the box. The sides will be explored in Fireside Chats and Cabin Workshops. At camp, each camper picks 6 final photos or drawings and describe their image, and then shares a story about the photo or drawing with the other campers to complete the project so we can all learn about each other.

A plastic cube with clear slides.

Camp Events

Clipart of a campfire

Fireside Chats (3) – Fireside chats are 3-hour events on Zoom. It is a camp-wide gathering around the Zoom ‘campfire.’ Fireside chats include activities like campfire Storytimes, Sing-alongs, Dew drop-ins’ Special Guests, and S’more fun.

Each chat has a special theme with activities like story-time, sing-alongs, share-aways, and chat-a-logs. The 3 fireside chats explore camper Storytelling, Discovery and Adventure to support each camper’s MyCube project.

Clip art of a cabin with a blue door and windows.

Cabin Workshops (6) – You are part of a cabin group of 5 or 6 campers. Each cabin team has a cabin leader.  You will create your cabin team name.  Each cabin leader is also a young adult and a part of the Camp NetWorx team. They have already been to camp before and have already created a MyCube. Each cabin team (5 or 6 campers) works together on camp activities led by a cabin leader.

Clipart of a campfire.

The Campfire Summit Finale Party is the final get-together event on Zoom. Like a school semester, camp also comes to an end. The stories, discoveries, adventures, new friends and good times become part of your shared story with the other campers. The final fireside gathering will be a fun event and celebration like a graduation.  Camper’s share their MyCubes and S’more.

Each camper receives their finished MyCube box mailed to their home and a MyCube slide version to share on Zoom.   You can practice and record your story using the MyCube pictures or drawings that you selected. The camp team will help you record your video to upload to YouTube to share with friends and family.

Camp NetWorx! Campers:

MyCube Logo
  • Attend and participate in Fireside Chat(s) and Cabin Workshop(s).
  • Create your own Camp Networx! MyCube box.
  • Show and share your camp MyCube project and camp stories at the Campfire Summit Final Party.
  • Enjoy camp! Have fun! Make new friends! Share your stories.

Apply and start packing now for Camp NetWorx! 2023.

Camp NetWorx! is a super fun camp on Zoom for students, youth and young adults with disabilities that you can join from your computer, laptop or phone – while staying at home. You don’t even have to travel. Each week campers meet on Zoom at Fireside Chats and Cabin Workshops for story-sharing fun. 

Camp Dates

Check your calendar, talk with your parents, teachers, support teams, rehabilitation or regional center counselor and learn if Camp NetWorx! is right for you.

  • Camp NetWorx 2023 starts: Monday, Jan ___ at _pm
  • Camp NetWorx! 2023 ends: Thursday, Mar ___, _pm

Get Ready for Camp

Start thinking about and sharing your “favorites”.
Song, movie, book, superhero, food, color, animal, and stuff like that.
Get ready to make new friends, have fun and build your own MyCube
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